Beltway Electronics specializes in supplying component level material to the government/military marketplace.

  • We serve as the strategic link between suppliers and customers, facilitating the movement of products and services in these markets. 
  • Our experience ranges from Aerospace and Defense, to many other areas like Communications, Automation and various commercial applications. 
  • We are very familiar and always in accordance with all government compliance standards.
  • Beltway Electronics, prior to delivery will inspect and guarantee every device shipped from our warehouse, also providing any necessary paperwork required with that device.
  • We have aligned all of our systems, procedures, and company culture toward the goal of 100% quality and are committed to continuous improvement in order to achieve this goal.
  • Products include a broad array of semiconductors, passive and electromechanical components, interconnect and power products.
  • We also support aircraft component requirements that range from applications such as gearboxes and avionics to hydraulics and landing gear.
  • Value added services include Inventory Management Programs, Component kitting, die, tape and reel, and various testing.


Market Analysis Group

Core Competencies

Production Requirements

Stocking Distributor of Board Level Components & Peripherals

Products and Services

  • Beltway will provide full support for any high or low volume production requirements. We routinely enter into volume purchase agreements, and regularly bond inventory for our customers. We can provide a JIT (Just in Time) environment to help reduce carrying costs and improve readiness. 
  • By aligning ourselves with the leaders in the markets we serve, Beltway has established various programs with our OEM partners that have material with no demand in their system. This allows us to fulfill the needs of our customers most challenging  requirements. Through our Inventory Management Group, we provide access to obsolete and long lead time material, desperately needed on maturing platforms and programs.
  • The Beltway marketing team, over the years has specialized in long lead time, allocated, and obsolete parts.
  • DMS (Diminishing Manufacturing Sources) is a strategic focus for Beltway Technologies.
  • Our market analysis group monitors and tracks trends with manufacturers, and material conditions that effect component manufacturing along with many other factors.
  • Our people regularly attend the DMS conference each year, and stay close to the pulse of strategic sources for government production material. Our experience ranges from support of a variety of defense electronic and system platforms.